Greek mythology is related to the philosophy of astrology and the zodiac cycle. Based on the philosophy of astrology we analyze the 12 zodiac signs and find a symbolic and allegorical correspondence with the 12 Olympian Gods. Greek mythology, the prehistory of Greek race, provides a timeless allegorical symbolism of human behavior.

Astrology, just like mythology, is nothing but an attempt to understand the universe and to read its messages. Myths and especially Greek mythology help us to better understand the fundamental nature of people belonging to each zodiac sign, their general characteristics and key destinations-fate.

Mythology and astrology in their simplest expression are tools that measure time and investigate the course of destiny, individual and collective. The astrological tool is based on the movements of the planets of the zodiac signs through their paths in the sky and the formation of interfaces between them. These movements are like the movements of the indicators of a watch that show us the time, helping us to realize the circular nature-path on Earth time.




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