Children’s souls on the Aegean

On a beautiful sun-bathed Saturday morning on the Greek island of Kos, little Zoe sits on her balcony drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice.

As she looks out over the endless-blue Aegean Sea, she sees two children in a tiny boat, approaching the shore! The sun is shining brightly in the middle of the sky, blinding Zoe so that she isn’t able to see the children clearly. She has heard that during these times, boats would be arriving with refugees from faraway lands. What are “refugees”? Where are these “faraway lands” they are coming from? Zoe feels a bit scared as she watches the boat approaching the shore…

What will Zoe do? What would anyone do in this situation?

This is a book intended to give hope, especially to those who have been through, or are continuing to go through, the hardships of war. This book was written for children –of all ages– and for all those who have passion, love, hope and courage and wish to make this world a better place… one day at a time… one child at a time…


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Children’s souls on the Aegean


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Συγγραφέας: Peggy Ioannou
Εκδότης: Κάκτος
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Children’s souls on the Aegean